This website is still under construction. We aim at launching our first courses in Amsterdam in 2024.

Emiel van Rossum

Are you looking for a firesafety engineering training center in the Netherlands? Look no further than our private training center. We specialize in providing high-quality, comprehensive courses on all aspects of fire safety engineering and risk management. Our experienced instructors will guide you through the process of understanding how to identify hazards and reduce risks associated with fires. In addition, we provide hands-on learning opportunities so that you can gain valuable practical experience working with real-world scenarios. With our help, you’ll be well-equipped to tackle any challenge related to fire safety engineering!

Course NFPA Certified Fire Protection Specialist

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Certified Fire Protection Specialist (CFPS) program is designed to provide individuals with the knowledge and understanding of fire protection systems and concepts.

Fundamentals of fire safety engineering

Fire safety engineering is a field of expertise that focuses on the use of science and technology to protect people and property from fire. It involves the use of a variety of techniques, including design, construction, management, and maintenance, to ensure that buildings are safe from the dangers of fire.